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Prada Outlet I would like to cover

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¿Suddenly grabbed my hand, silly girl, in fact, I've always liked you, love you in silence, do not you feel that?

Know? I have been looking for you, night after closing time, I searched around the Internet. He stopped, stared staring at me, you lost, and many emaciated. Suddenly, my heart a soft chord was the most heavily Cheleyixia, sad can not suppress the tears coming in soon, splinters falling, dripping on the floor of the paper, his eyes blurred by tears, I found that it is Last night, I read, "Shen Shaoyang, I love you" piece of paper. Confusion, Prada Outlet I would like to cover it with your feet stepped on words, but still lagged a step behind Shen Shaoyang has bent over to pick up. He Dai Li, a long while, suddenly grabbed my hand, silly girl, in fact, I've always liked you, love you in silence, do not you feel that?

Sudden excitement of driving me down, and after a moment of ecstasy, heart and rise to doubts and you are not also love another girl, why did not dare to face my feelings? You do not have a local care about me accounts of foreign migrant women, is not it? He suddenly did not speak, pulling me to run out. Deserted late at night, tugging back and forth of our body image one pair eloped couple. Came to his shop behind a makeshift hut, he pointed to the bed of an old man said, This is my father, he is already sleeping for two years inCheap Mens Timberland Boots a vegetative state, every day I have to stand up for his father, feeding, massage, and perhaps his father never wake up. Have you seen my mother, she had severe heart disease and rheumatoid every day rely on drugs to maintain. He also pointed to the old shop, I just a teacher, father and mother in order to buy medicine, meager wages that point was not enough, had to rely on his spare time runs the snack shop, earn a modest profit. I could not even buy a house down payment money and no money, perhaps a lifetime to live here.

He stopped and looked at me and loudly asked, you say, I dare to love? I love people, Prada Sale I can give her? Love my people, they had to gently, and sighed away, who could accept my background. He took a deep long stretch, that rainy night, you came, and slowly stationed to my heart. I played with his bet: If you can eat 100 bowls of wonton here, not tired, that you really love me, I will declare to you I feel. Now, you know, standing in front of you, Shen Shaoyang, destined not give you an easy life, you will love him and do his background, you will continue to eat his bowl of wonton until 100 do? I even thought, shout: No! I see the pain in Shaoyang Shen closed his eyes, I laughed, I eat a lifetimeTimberland Boots Sale . A big warm hand blasted pulled me into the arms has a familiar atmosphere, I have a suffocating feeling. Comfort of his ears heard softly, promise me, do not go to Internet cafes to play games right?

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